Get a Title for Your Junk Vehicle

Do you have a “junk” vehicle with no title?

Thousands of vehicles are sold through Copart, IAAI, and other insurance salvage auctions with limited titles or no documentation. Vehicles have brands such as:

  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Non-Repairable
  • Junk
  • Parts Only

In order to prove ownership for sale, export, or other uses the documents you have received may be insufficient. We can prepare forms for the next step of ownership for uses depending on your intentions of sale, transport, or registration. The vehicle you own can be considered a donor vehicle for major component parts of the new vehicle to be titled with a new VIN#.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Follow these easy steps to get a new title for your junk vehicle.

Fill out our easy form with your information to begin the process of obtaining a new title for your junk vehicle.

Information needed:

  • VIN
  • Your address for title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Photo of vehicle
  • Photo of VIN#

We send you paperwork ready for signature to process your vehicle.

All you need to do is sign the documents, and submit them to your local DMV!

If inspections or other steps are required, you will be notified by the DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a title for a vehicle with a junk title, certificate of destruction, or non-repairable title?
When a vehicle is placed into “junk” status by the insurance company, the VIN# is entered into a Federal Government official database called the Nation Motor Vehicle Title Information System. (NMVTIS), which cancels the VIN# as a car that can never be titled again. The VIN# is also sent to all 50 states DMV and titling offices to block them from ever issuing a title again for the vehicle. 

The only way that the vehicle can be re-titled is by obtaining a new VIN# from the DMV as an assembled vehicle.

Does the vehicle need to be inspected?
For a vehicle to be declared an assembled vehicle with a new VIN#, it needs to be inspected and approved by the state titling or motor vehicle division

How do I get the inspection?
The assembled vehicle documentation needs to be prepared and presented to the state titling division. If all of the forms are in order and records approved, they will schedule an inspection.

What items are part of the inspection?
The government inspection will look for three things:

  1. Is the vehicle safe and legal for the road
  2. Are all of the parts installed legit and not stolen
  3. Is the vehicle a substantially different vehicle

How do I get a new VIN# for my vehicle?
Once the vehicle has passed inspection as an assembled vehicle, the DMV will assign a new VIN# and affix it to the vehicle using a special rivet tool. Then a new title can be issued.

Can I register the vehicle to drive on the road?
Once the vehicle has passed inspection and issued a new title, you can apply for registration and license plates.

How long does it take to get a title?
The paperwork can be filled out in 1 day. The inspection appointment time depends on the scheduling for the DMV, usually about a week.

What are the requirements for an “assembled vehicle”?
Each state has similar language regarding the presentation of the vehicle. Certainly, it has to be safe for the road, but in addition the various statutes describe that it be a substantially different vehicle. This is subject to interpretation by the inspector who will look for new parts and appearance.

Why is my title junk if there is no damage on it?
Insurance companies routinely place destruction or non-repairable brands on titles for liability purposes, even when there is little or no damage. It is common to see late model expensive vehicles stamped “certificate of destruction” with just minor scratches.

Can I get paperwork from Copart or IAAI?
Whatever receipts, certificates, or documents provided by the auction with the sale is typically all that is available. The auction will normally not provide additional documents beyond what came with the car.

Can I export the vehicle?
US Customs requires a valid ownership document such as a title for a vehicle to leave the United States. Various import countries have their own requirements.

Is there any other way to get a title for a junk vehicle?
Once the vehicle is in junk status, with a parts only, certificate of destruction, or non-repairable VIN record, no state DMV is allowed to issue any registration title document. Any methods to circumvent the branded title for that VIN# is considered “title washing” and is enforced by the US Department of Justice under the Anti-Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996, codified at 49 U.S.C. 30501-30505. Only a new VIN# issued to an assembled vehicle using the prior vehicle as a parts donor is a pathway for road use.

We do not assist with stolen vehicles, title washing, or illegal activities.

You must abide by all DMV requirements and laws. Illegal activity will be reported. Our role is only to provide government documents at your specific direction. All DMV fees and taxes must be paid by you directly to the government or other agencies. If you do not follow all of the significant requirements of the DMV you may not get a title or registration. Completion of these steps or inspection is entirely your responsibility and may require a resulting vehicle distinct from the original model.