Terms and Conditions

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NOTICE: Part of Company’s process includes researching all parties associated with ownership interest and background of the vehicle. Company can use this to determine the most recent legal title issued and to transfer the legal title to match your current ownership of the vehicle. Part of this investigation may include contacting the DMV in the state(s) where the vehicle has been registered in the past, background check/s on the applicant/s, and contacting prior owners and any applicable lien holders. Federal Privacy Laws prevent us from releasing prior owners’ contact information to any third parties, and that the process may turn up prior to ownership of lien records to the vehicle which can be claimed by third parties.

REFUND POLICY: Orders, once placed, are non-refundable. The Company will not provide a refund if the Customer is unwilling or unable to pay applicable sales tax or any existing liens associated with obtaining the vehicle title or transferrable registration. The Company will not provide a refund to Customer if after ordering services with Company the Customer receives the title through any other means. Customer agrees to waive any refund if Customer cancels this process, fails to act, fails to provide required documentation/information (ie: Bill of Sale, Vehicle Details, VIN photograph.), or fails to pay any amount while Company is otherwise able to process the title request. This Contract may be terminated without refund by Company for any illegal activity, or requests or for any misrepresentations by the Customer.

SALES TAX POLICY: Customer is solely responsible for paying any applicable sales tax required to obtain the title or transferrable registration for the subject vehicle. The Company does not calculate the sales tax. Sales tax is calculated by the State that is being used to obtain the title, which may not be the state where customer resides. In general, the States base the sales tax on either the Bill of Sale or an approved appraisal guide, whichever value is higher.

Customer agrees that Company is providing information and forms at your specific direction and selection. Customer represents that they have selected a method appropriate for their circumstances. Much of the process is performed by Company but some action on behalf of the client may be necessary. Examples are but not limited to signing forms, VIN verification, inspections, bonding, and delivering completed documents to the DMV by mail or in person. All fees to government agencies and institution for taxes, applications, bonding, registration, license plates, insurance, are the responsibility of the customer.

If customer discovers that information submitted to Company was incorrect and needs to be changed, and if customer requests that forms be redone by Company, Company may elect to charge a fee for revising the paperwork at the customers request.

I have read, understand and agree to the REFUND POLICY

I have read, understand and agree to the SALES TAX POLICY

I understand that my new vehicle title may be issued from a state other than the state of residence

I understand that any illegal activity regarding this vehicle, before or after our services are started will cancel our services without refund

I understand that any documents and vehicle information requested from me, must be submitted within a 10 DAY time period, or our services will be cancelled without refund

A valid Bill of Sale (BOS) shall be described as containing a monetary or exchange value, a date of sale, an accurate vehicle description that shall include the year, make, and vehicle identification number (VIN). It shall include a declaration of ownership and release statement as well as the, name, contact information and signature of seller. The BOS shall also show the name, contact information and signature of the buyer.

I have read and agree to the above definition of a Bill of Sale

I understand that a background/history check will be completed on both the vehicle and the person to whom it will be titled

I understandĀ bond fees, title fees, bond fees, and other required costs are paid by customer separately to the agencies.

I understand the Terms & Conditions and agree to this process and authorize Records Research & Document Services, LLC and any duly authorized agent to proceed with the Vehicle Background Investigation and Title Processing and to charge the card below for applicable fees.

Please note:

  • The information, instructions, and documents you need to obtain your title from the DMV are included in your order.
  • You must submit your application to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your State to obtain a title.
  • CarTitles.com is not responsible for final title issuance from the DMV, as this requires additional action by the client.
  • CarTitles.com guarantees the quality of our paperwork exceeds the DMV requirements, and that it is accurate to the information originally provided by the customer.
  • It is your responsibility to verify, complete, and send the paperwork to the DMV in a timely manner. DMV only issues titles after review and confirmation there are no prohibiting factors to issue title. DMV processing time can vary widely. DMV can deny an application, request further documentation, call for an inspection, or require a bond to be posted at its discretion.